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Road Closures

by Middlesex PD on 05/29/15

05/29/15- North Middlesex Road will be closed this coming week (1st week of June) from the bridge to the Harrisburg Pike for re-surfacing during the day.

Army Heritage Drive will be closed the week of the 08th as the entire road will be re-paved. This will occur during 1800-0300 hours.

Woman Arrested For Domestic Assault

by Middlesex PD on 05/29/15

05/28/15- Brittney Mohr, of Carlisle, was arrested for simple assault and harassment after police were called to Regency Woods North Trailer park for a physical domestic. The victims suffered visible injuries.

Heroin Arrest

by Middlesex PD on 05/27/15

An individual was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and possession of heroin after police we called to the scene for an overdose.

Public Drunk

by Middlesex PD on 05/26/15

Lincoln Manuel III, of Texas, was arrested for public intoxication.


by Middlesex PD on 05/24/15

05/23/15- Kevin Mestrich, of Ossining NY, was arrested on suspicion of DUI on the Harrisburg Pike.

Criminal Trespass, Assault

by Middlesex PD on 05/23/15

05/19/15- Police were called to a motel in reference to a female who had broken in the front door and smashed the window at the front desk. There is a private residence attached to the office and Michelle Floyd, of Carlisle, was attempting to get into that residence. The family of five barricaded themselves in another room. Police arrived to a bloody scene, Floyd had cut herself severely on the glass when she smashed it. She refused officer's orders to stop and was tased.

It was later learned that prior to this incident she had assaulted her boyfriend causing injury to the point he had to be taken to the hospital. This after she attempted to assault a police officer trying to help get her onto the stretcher so she could be loaded into the ambulance. She was combative with police and EMS personnel and was charged accordingly.

Floyd was transported to the hospital for her injuries and when released was arrested. She was charged with criminal trespass, recklessly endangering another person, simple assault, harassment, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. She was placed in CCP.

Heroin Users Arrested After Fight With Police

by Middlesex PD on 05/23/15

05/22/15- Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle after it was observed driving in the wrong lane. As the officer turned around to stop the vehicle, it took off and tried hiding in the closed business. Two occupants fled the scene. The driver resisted arrest and physically fought with police. She was taken in to custody and found to be in possession of heroin and heroin paraphernalia. She had been drinking and was driving on a suspended license. She was charged with DUI, and possession. The third passenger was also arrested and found to have heroin and heroin paraphernalia on his person and was charged with possession.

Domestic Assault

by Middlesex PD on 05/23/15

05/22/15- Police were called to a motel parking lot in reference to a physical domestic that had occurred in a tractor trailer. The female victims suffered numerous visible and internal injuries, to include a fractured orbital bone. Kenneth Miller, of WV, was arrested for simple assault and harassment.

Seat Belt Grant

by Middlesex PD on 05/18/15

Middlesex will be participating in the State seat belt grant running May 18th-31st 2015.

Burglary, Car Theft Suspect Arrested

by Middlesex PD on 05/18/15

05/17/15- Police were called first to Wolf's Bridge road in reference to an active break in. The suspect entered the victim's residence and was confronted by the victim. The victim family fled to a neighbor's residence. Suspect fled the scene prior to police arrival and attempted to steal a vehicle at a local motel by breaking the window and attempting to hot wire the car. Due to the large perimeter set up by police, they were on scene in seconds and the suspect was apprehended as he attempted to steal the vehicle. He then attempted to escape from the handcuffs and in doing so damaged a police car when he tried to get out.

Pasquale Tedesco, of Poughkeepsie NY, was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, and institutional vandalism. 

Middlesex was assisted by North Middleton, Carlisle, and Silver Spring Police.

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